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Windows to Japan is a young dynamic company (est.2005) that gives travelers the opportunity for a close encounter with the fascinating culture of Japan. We take our travelers to the heart of Japan through the soul stirring windows we interweave into our tours.

Our extensive background knowledge, contacts and personal connections, built up during many years of living and working in the Japan, combined with our regular and rigorous inspection tours, puts us in a unique position to open up more windows and provide more tour options through which travelers can encounter a Japan that exists beyond the well known attractions and away from those well beaten tracks.

We give all our travelers our utmost personal attention and tailor our tours to their specific needs, whether they are on a group or independent tour.

Our welcoming guides and friendly, efficient management team, are always on hand to support our travelers stay and help to turn a journey in Japan into an unforgettable encounter.

Avi Lugasi  the owner of Windows to Japan - previously one of the senior guides for a leading travel company in Israel, has lived in Japan since 1995, speaks the language and knows the place inside out.

The Managment Team:

A V I   L U G A S I
The founder and the owner of Windows to Japan.                                                      Avi graduated from the Faculties of East Asian Studies and Anthropology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalemin 1994. While studying,avi also became a qualified guide and went on to become one of the senior guides for a leading travel company in Israel.He has guided all over Asia,including the Silk Road, and has also traveled extensively in the region.
Avi first went to Japan in 1990 and stayed for one and a half years. In 1995 he returned again and he has  been inJapan ever since.                                                               Avi has lived for 3 years in a Zen monastery, has a second Dan black belt in Kyudo, Japanese archery, and has studied Japanese pottery, bonsai and other aspects of Japanese culture.
He has immersed himself in the Japanese way of life,speaks the language and knows the country inside out.                                                                                           
Avi's experiences give him unique insights which are invaluable in his work of creating, organizing as well as guiding tours in Japan for both- groups and independent travelers.                                                                                                                 At present, he lives with his family in Kyoto.      


W E N D Y   L I
Avis partner in the company -and in life - Wendy is originally from Shanghai - She has lived in Japan since 1997, is fluent in Japanese almost as if it were her mother tongue, and graduated with a PhD in Anthropology from Kyoto university in 2006.As well as being an anthropologist at one of Kyotos universities,where she ,specializes in Chinese Christian villages, she is a miracle worker when it comes to solving problems in our work, famous for her stunning speed in finishing any impossible job and then asking for more! Wendy has a great love of food and will eat anything that moves.




The big boss, is insistent, demanding and receives an inexhaustible amount of colors, markers and scrap papers, spending busy days scribbling them up, traveling in unknown kingdoms. A loyal participant in the many inspection tours we are doing around Japan and a great colorful addition to the creation that is Windows to Japan.

                                                                                                                                   YEHONATAN                                                                                            A colorful, fun addition to our family and our many inspection tours. our toy as we like to treat and consider him from time to time, providing lots of funny moments and laughter, but also, already, quite stubborn boy who demands attention to his wishes and interests (Mainly toy cars )to be taken into consideration                                        His constant Why? questions are a big challenge even for an experience guide as his father.



 M A R U
Our main tour Operation Manager and the one who puts it all together
"I love good food and high class  and unique Ryokans(Japanese inns)as well Japanese hot springs, which keeps the spirit of traditional Japan so happy when our guests also enjoy them .
Like good music Jazz (Keith Jarrett) & Classic, as well literature like Stephan Zvike. I  have lots of curiosity for different, and interesting things.
Studied East European Culture and Russian studies at University in Osaka Speaks English, Hebrew and some Russian".



Marus right hand, and a serene part of  the Kyoto based management team.
"I'm Maki- Welcome to Japan. I am happy to support your visit.
I am interested in tea ceremony, the way of tea, and Buddhism, the way of life.
It would be a great pleasure for me to help you discover your Japan."



A new addition to the company, he brings laughter as well as vitality into the company. A UCLA graduate fluent in English and Japanese, he will be your helping hand during your journey in Japan.
He has a passion for finding/eating delicious local cuisines as well as drinking fine wines. He definitely enjoys the finer things in life!
An avid follower of sports, domestic and internationally, he will be able to help you with FIFA (soccer), FIA (motorsports), MMA (mixed martial arts), as well as a wide range of domestic sport viewing. 
If you need something prepared for your journey in Japan, Ken will try his best to make it a reality for yo



The newest and youngest addition to the company, fluent in French, Japanese, and English, brings in new life to the company. Naoko has worked previously in a hotel and has vast knowledge on hotels and services in Japan. "I like to discover new quaint places such as shops, restaurants with a great homey and secluded atmosphere that serve delicious and unique dishes. I also enjoy getting out on my bicycle and exploring, looking at beautiful sceneries". Naoko mainly works on ours group tours, helping make sure all the small details fit into one memorable experience.


Michelle majored in East Asian Studies and International Relations at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 2003 she moved to Kanazawa and studied with a Japanese scholarship for 5.5 years. Earning first an MA in Law and then PhD in International and Environmental Studies, she graduated in 2008. "Although I specialized in the influences of culture on international bilateral relations, I think should have graduated with a PhD in travelling around Japan. Making it to everyone of the 47 prefectures, as an avid festival and Japanese foliage fan, I spent most of those 5.5 years travelling around Japan".
Michelle has vast experience as a tour guide, guiding groups and private tours all over Japan. In late 2011 she was recruited to the tourism board of a small town in Japan in an aim to increase foreign tourism to the area.
In late 2012 she joined the Windows to Japan team in an aspiration to provide tourists with unique and insightful experiences with the Japanese culture. "I am interested and eager to learn and talk about the differences in cultures, daily Japanese life and life outlook. Every difference spikes my interest and I want to learn more about the reasons behinds it, and then share it with our guests."

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